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I rely on YOU, and it’s thanks to you and your direct contributions that I am able to keep at it with this artistry! Because the music/entertainment business can be a cut-throat market with exploitative dealings, and a great deal of companies short-change their artists to maximize their profits, it’s YOU THE PEOPLE who I’ve come to depend on. For every $1 you give here, I retain 87¢. That’s HUGE. Compare that to a streaming site (e.g. Spotify, etc.) where I’d need OVER 4 MILLION streams PER MONTH just to earn minimum wage; it’s not sustainable, it’s certainly not fair. Other artists do what they feel they have to do, but I believe in maintaining one’s independence and creative freedom and crafting content not beholden to special interests. I am a small, local, independent enterprise. I’m an underground MC through n’ through. This requires I personally bankroll my operational expenses (for instance – Recording, Music Acquisitions, Mixing/Mastering services, Equipment, Graphic designs, Video production, Marketing/Promotions, Distribution, Web hosting/services, Online solutions & more) in order to deliver you the high-quality and substance-driven content you can always count on me for. What that also means is anytime you decide to kick me $10 (or any amount!) DIRECTLY, you are strengthening my ability to sustain and grow, so that I can better serve YOU and our community (*added bonus – you know exactly where your contributions are going)! Of course there are many ways to lend your support other than just cold-hard cash (one of the biggest of these is to sign-on to that intimate & exclusive PakBackers Mailing List if you haven’t already!), but the money definitely helps – keeping the lights on and the records/videos/messages coming. So if you can, please consider making a contribution at this time. But more importantly, please keep vibing with a Pak and my art 😀

Always with Love, Light, Appreciation & a Thousand THANKS!

-Sam “Pak” John

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