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Did you know?!?

Big companies like Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon (and even some mid-size and smaller ones too!) and most major record labels, they all charge artists a premium for their services but only cut us a TINY percentage of revenue generated. The costs for their services might not seem like much at first, but believe me, they quickly add up. Calculate the amount of Time, Energy and Expenses we creators are forced to put in (especially us relatively unknown/upcoming/underground artists who are basically small business boutique shops yo!) just to get our stuff through their doors and keep our music up on their platforms/sites?? Well it’s an insult and a disrespect, not just to the artist, but to the fans and supporters of that artist too! (Read on to find out what I mean). 

Consider this, would you rather give $10 DIRECTLY to your favorite artist(s), OR, to a giant corporation that then kicks that same artist pennies (actually fractions of pennies most times!) on the dollar?! Yup, that’s what I thought, me too. Whenever I have the option, I make sure my money and my contribution is going DIRECT to our artists as much as possible. And as an artist, I won’t ever “sell-out” or compromise my message and integrity just to stay afloat, but I also need to make the highest-quality sh*t I can without having to resort to ads, product placements, or hocking you sh*t you really don’t want or need. 

Which is why I’m asking your support and to please consider a DIRECT donation/gift at this time via the DONATE BUTTON below (ANY amount is welcome, supremely appreciated (!!), and goes a long way for the cause!). 

Facts. It’s YOUR direct donations that prop me up with the means to keep supplying y’all the dope sh*t! For every $1 direct donation, I receive approximately 87¢ (PayPal takes the other 13¢ in fees, reasonable), whereas with an iTunes purchase, I’d see just 9¢ on that same $1 (some WTF?! Sh*t right here yo!). For Spotify (and other similar streaming sites) I’d need OVER 4 MILLION streams per month just to earn MINIMUM WAGE (booo, WTF?! Part 2 right here y’all!). Writing, Recording, Mixing/Mastering, Equipment, Graphic designs, Video production, Marketing/Promotions, Distribution, Web hosting/services, Online solutions, along with the thousands of hours it takes to put all this kickass goodness together & produce the tightest sh*t I possibly can for y’all (?!), well, it all adds up & costs a pretty penny yo! But check it.

When YOU donate DIRECTLY from this site, you’ll be enabling us to continue operations and expand reach. YOU will be the reason we can keep this artistry independent and for the people! YOU will rest securely knowing you’re backing a badass who’s creating QUALITY and REAL sh*t you can FEEL and FEEL-GOOD about!

No pressure though, sincerely. Main thing is you CHECK OUT my melody & STAY CONNECTED (i.e. sign-on to that PakBackers Mailing List if you haven’t already!). That’s my biggest ask and service you can do for me above all 😉

And now, continuing on, always with Love, Light, Appreciation & a Thousand THANKS!

-Sam “Pak” John

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