Lauded for his poetics, ear-thrilling flow and refreshing candor on the mic, California-bred MC/Lyricist Sam ‘Pak’ John delivers a vibrant sound with undeniable presence that Energizes as much as Entertains!

More than anything Pak uses his Voice and Skills as an Artist/Rapper/Singer to paint a Scene – opening up and inviting everybody in to share in his life’s journeys and imagination. We get an intimate FEEL, an authentic take on a very candid Lifestyle in action – featuring our man of passion – a mashup of G-funk Soul-Gangstah meets Intellectual-Nudist-Fool with an enduring drive to always Enjoy and Empower! Imbued with a sense of duty to do right by the People, make you Smile/Laugh/Consider, and lay out lots of Feelings (Emo/Dark ones included!), you’ve got a force to be resonated with. Themes like Relationship, Social/Environmental Justice, Self-Discovery, Celebrating/Partying, Spirituality and Acceptance of Self prevail throughout his lyrics. Influenced by artists from multiple eras and genres, his inspirations run the gamut from KRS-One to Michael Jackson to Nine Inch Nails, from Eminem to Madonna to Damian Marley, from Nas to Limp Bizkit to Sublime. Plus Dr Dre. Pop, Funk, Electronic, Punk, Reggae, Metal, Country, Classical – you name it, Pak is familiar with and has an appreciation for it that colors his own style. Besides that, people (be it superfan or first-timer!) routinely cite him a “Stand-out!”, “Highlight!” and “Favorite!” after any performance – from intimate lounge to packed house – and they are consistently tuning in and signing-on to his vibe, artistry and music – for good reason – being at the heart of it all, Pak connects.

“I love Life! Not to mention the Creative Process and Pumping Every. One. UP! When it’s all done and said, I LOVE and am here to Connect!”

Pak is the stage-name of Samuel Vaqar John, an American-Pakistani MC/rapper/hiphop artist, frontman of live-freestyle band Samurai Funktion, co-founder/director of BounceBackHipHop and more, raised in California now rooted in Honolulu, HI.

His most revealing project to date, the “I Will Not Be Chain3d” album/mixtape, arrived on Aug 15, 2018 as an independent self-release. It garnered a fully-funded grassroots Kickstarter album merch campaign, and an official music video for the first single “Metamorph (Up In The Head)” is out now.


(More about Pak…)

Born Aug 15, 1985 and brought up chiefly in Southern California’s Inland Empire, he also spent formative years in Pakistan’s Punjab province, Northern California’s Napa Valley area and Honolulu, Hawaii where he now resides with his lovelier half and their 2 pet bunnies.

Family and personal turmoil (parent’s divorce, anxiety, substance abuse) as an upper-middle class suburban teen saw him in some serious trouble until, in 2001 at age 16, he discovered rhyming and fell head-over-heels for the art of freestyle rap. Not long after, he started writing, collaborating, producing, recording and performing – sensing this his calling. This culminated in independently releasing several underground albums (“Peaceofmind”, “Ques?ion”, “Still Wunda”, “Rhyme4AReason”) and subsequent touring between 2008-2012. In summer 2012 he joined live-band Jive Slinky (exiting the band in 2014 shortly before it dissolved) as well as forming & fronting live progressive hiphop/rap freestyle band Samurai Funktion in 2013. At the same time in 2012 he went back to school, eventually earning a Nursing degree (he also holds a degree in Visual Communication), while simultaneously prepping his most personal and candid project to date, the “I Will Not Be Chain3d” album/mixtape!

Inspired and influenced early on by West Coast legends (2Pac, Dr. Dre, Snoop, etc.), East Coast icons (Nas, KRS-One, Guru, etc.), Mid-West phenoms (Eminem, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, etc.), Southern staples (Outkast, UGK, Scarface, etc.), and countless hiphop/rap crews (Jurassic 5, G-Unit, ATCQ, etc.), to high-energy rock acts (Rage Against The Machine, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit, etc.), and independent vanguards (Nine Inch Nails, Tech N9ne, Run The Jewels, etc.) as well as other various genre artists (Damian Marley, Michael Jackson, Roxette, etc.) and international music (Bollywood, J-Pop, TV & Film soundtracks, etc.), Pak is bent on mastering the craft of honest & unflinching self-expression – delivering impactful, penetrating lyrics & heartfelt renderings channeled off Emotion, Experience and Exchange. Not only that, he embodies a tenacious, independent DIY-spirit as an artist entrepreneur and is a perpetual source of positive vibrations – from championing sustainable mindsets, community engagement and optimistic perspectives to pushing Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun both on and off the stage.

Find Pak forging his own path – deriving strength through music and connecting with others through it all. Always crafting the purest, most-empowering music possible on a mission to capture imagination, experience catharsis and energize any & all vibing with!

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