Here lies PAK-1 | Rap Renegade | 1985-????

The year is 20xx. Not many of us left. The rest were either taken against will, or gave up willingly. Those still able to fight, to resist, are dubbed RENEGADE. But we are scattered, either forced to blend in, or worse, risk capture. Heroes are few and far between now. Spies are everywhere. From within one of its sprawling AutomatonCity-States, a figure awakes and emerges. Armed with the sacred scrolls and mystic arts of the now-all-but-forgotten AncientFuturists, he vows to hit back. Hard. Channeling the Nexus of RapRockElectro, his Vocal Kung-Fu & Soul laced Cerebral strikes target the desolate CorruptMachina and calls out to TheLost. But the war has just begun. And in the face of crushing pressure and escalating madness, he and his team set out to find the precious others they’ll need to bring the entire system crashing down…



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Official video for “Remember Protect”, off the “PAK-1” Self-titled EP (2022).

• “PAK-1” (Self-titled EP) OUT NOW!

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