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THANK YOU! Because of your direct contributions I continue to keep at it and flourish with this independent artistry! I ask for your contributions here because unfortunately the music/entertainment business (for that matter, big industry in general) still currently exploits its artists and talent, and most companies continue to short-change the artists in order to maximize their own profits. That’s why it’s you – the people, the patrons of the arts, the real-recognize-real (!) – who I’ve decided to rely on. For every $1 you give here, I retain 87¢. Compare that to streaming sites (e.g. Spotify, etc.) where they require OVER 4 MILLION streams PER MONTH just for an artist to earn minimum wage; it’s not sustainable, it’s certainly not fair. While I support every artist’s decision to do as they feel called to, I believe in maintaining my Integrity, Expression and Freedom as a creator (and human being!) over acquiescing and crafting content beholden to run-of-the-mill corporations and special interests. I push forward as an independent and interdependent community enterprise, and I’m an underground MC through and through. This course of action compels me to personally bankroll my operational expenses (including but not limited to – Recording, Licensing, Mixing/Mastering services, Equipment, Graphic designs, Video production, Marketing/Promotions, Distribution, Web hosting/services, Online solutions & more) in order to deliver you the highest-quality and substance-driven content you’ve come to expect and can always count on me for. What that also means is the moment you decide to kick me $10 (or any amount!) DIRECTLY, you are strengthening my ability to sustain and grow, so that I can better serve you, and our community (*Added bonus – you know exactly where your contributions are going!). That said, I recognize there are MANY ways to lend your support other than just cold-hard cash (*hint – one of the biggest ways is to sign-on to that intimate & tight-knit PakBackers Mailing List if you haven’t already!), but the money definitely helps – helping both keep the lights on and keep the records/videos/messages coming. So, if you can swing it, please consider making a contribution at this time. But more importantly, please keep vibing with a Pak, his art and these fresh positive vibes 😀

Always with Love, Light, Appreciation & a Thousand THANKS!

-Sam “Pak” John

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